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It's a brand new comm (okay, so I created it a few weeks ago, but hey!) and we're looking for anyone and everyone! So come join and have some dressing fun with other btvs and ats characters!

So, you're going along, enjoying life (or maybe not) and generally going about your business (whatever that may be), and you turn around to do something- only to find that you've somehow been transported to the Magic Box. You don't know how you got there (and depending on your history, you may not even know where you are), but you're there. Behind the counter is Buffy (Buffy Giles that is), and she waves cheerfully as she flips through a book. Well? Have at it!

btvs_dressing is an informal dressing room style role playing community. General play takes place in pre-destruction Sunnydale, and usually starts out in the Magic Box. We're not at all strict about hardly anything here, we're just here to have fun. We hope you enjoy playing in our sandbox and join us often!
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