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Sunnydale OSI seeking RILEY, Initiative members (canon and OC) , and college students for plot!

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Now's the time to join sunnydaleosi if you are looking to get in on a good plot! Our Blood Rush plot is just starting - when a vampiric sorority takes up residence on the UCSD campus, can the OSI Initiative ferret them out before they meet-and-eat the student body?

YOUR characters and their actions affect the world, the way it should be, so come and be a part of the plot!

Current Wants:
Initiative members (canon or original) are especially wanted for this plot, particularly those of college age who live in the OSI campus house. We could also use some regular college students and professor.

We'd also love to see the following canons:

check here for the full list

and any quality originals! Come join us

The year is 1998 - a government agency named OSI (think Initiative + Watchers Council) has control of the Hellmouth area in Sunnydale, California. The events of the the Buffy series never happened, but the mythology is the same. Join a world full of intrigues and plots, new twists on old canon favorites, and dynamic original characters! All we're missing is YOU. Friendly mods, excellent players, plots, storylines, character development questions, character spotlights, live chats, and more!

What we don't have:
We don't have drama, Mary Sues, post length requirements, purple prose, set 'ships', controlling mods, or pre-planned plot outcomes.

Don't know the Buffyverse? No problem! Since we're not following the events of the actual series, you don't need to know the show well to play.

Original characters very welcome!

Questions? Message a mod over AIM at Lab Arc Designs
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