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Sunnydale OSI - an AU Buffyverse game on LJ !

Sunnydale OSI - 1998 AU Buffyverse

Apply / Rules / Game History / OSI Ranks / FAQ / Info /Taken & Available Chars

sunnydaleosi (Community) / osiooc (OOC) / arcology (Lab Arc News)

The year is 1998 - a government agency named OSI (think Initiative + Watchers Council) has control of the Hellmouth area in Sunnydale, California. The events of the the Buffy series never happened, but the mythology is the same. Join a world full of intrigues and plots, new twists on old canon favorites, and dynamic original characters! All we're missing is YOU. Friendly mods, excellent players, plots, storylines, character development questions, character spotlights, weekly chats, and more!
About Sunnydale OSI
Sunnydale OSI was first played in 2003; restarted and moved to GJ last year; and is now moving back to LJ (thanks to the slow death of GJ). We're starting with the 1998/99 school year , so it's a good time to join and get involved in the game. Original characters are VERY welcome, and are treated no differently than canon characters - all characters are equal in OSI. You can also play some of your favorite canon characters according to how YOU think they would be in this new setting- since the events of Buffy never happened, you are free to interpret old canon favorites in new ways. Instead of the same old story that's been played out many times before, it's a whole new world of fun.
Apply Now - Many Popular Canon Roles Available!
Apply for an original character, or choose one of these canon roles. Many popular characters still available: Angel ,Anya, Amy, Cordelia, Doyle, Gunn, Oz, Lorne, Riley, Robin, Molly, Vi, Kennedy - full list HERE

Questions, comments? Contact a mod via AIM at Lab Arc Designs or email at L@labarc.com, and we'll be happy to assist you !
Another quality game from the folks at Lab Arc Designs (www.labarc.com)
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