amber (bentley) wrote in the_btvs_rpger,


Hey guys. I'm running an RPG that is more about writing skill and characterization than pretty icons and journals names.

It's brand new so there are heaps of characters open, and since it's a Faith-centric AU the 'Scoobies' are a bunch of minor characters. If you play an Amy, a Jonathan, an Oz or a Tara then we want you. We would love a Spike, Dawn and Giles as well - we have popular roles too! Really the only restrictions are no Buffy and no OCs.

More importantly, I've got a whole overarching plot planned out, though I'd hope that the drama and humour of the original series would be kept too. I plan to keep the game active and I absolutely do not do bitchy, cliquish drama (I'm fairly new to BTVS fandom, I've waltzed over from HP, so I don't judge.) All pairings and ages are welcomed.

The RPG is CALUMNIA@GJ. It's journal-based with first person entries and third person logs. Please, check us out and lemme know if you have any questions.
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