Pink And White Ribbons (pinkwhiteribbon) wrote in the_btvs_rpger,
Pink And White Ribbons

Last Try

This is my last try to find a game :-(

Info under the cut and thanks for looking.

Name: Joanna

Style: freeform, one-on-one only (NO communities).

Format: email, journal, messenger (Yahoo preferred) for planning.

Favorite Genre: modern only (I’m not interested in playing in any time other than the present day), horror, supernatural.

Plays: fan, original, both fan and original.

Fan Settings: Supernatural (maybe!), Buffy/Angel (definitely!), some crossovers.

Favorite Theme / Concept: age issues, power, romance, life/death, good/evil, UST (especially in secret relationships), first meetings, first times together, dark storylines, very adult situations, angst, hurt/comfort.

Rate your play: PG13 - N17

Would you play ...

 - yaoi? No

 - yuri? No

 - a death scene? Possibly

 - a villian? Probably

 - an otherwise controverisal character? Yes

Peeves: anime, once-a-week posters/players, submissive males.

Adores:  I will worship someone who plays ... male characters, as often and obsessively as I like to, enjoys planning and brainstorming ideas, isn’t easily shocked, will allow crossover games,  lots of dialogue between characters (whether they’re fighting or joking around I adore it).

Warnings: I can't and won’t play… male characters, slash, incest, master/slave relationships, lesbians, celebrity games (I love played bys though!).

Interested in: I'm looking for someone who wants …long-term games (if you only like a game to last a week or so then we’d be wasting each other’s time), games with a lot of planning before it starts and is willing to chat on and off throughout the game, to be able to get deeply into a character (emotions, fears, likes/dislikes etc).

AIM: I don’t like AIM at all and don’t have it installed, but I will use it if there’s absolutely no alternative.


Yahoo: pink_and_white_ribbons


Comments: I’m only looking for writers who are willing to commit to a game. I realize that everyone has a life but I think it’s just downright ignorant to ignore an online writing partner and use ‘real life’ as an excuse (obviously there are exceptions, things happen that we have no control over). I like to use roleplay as an escape route and as a way of being able to do thing I’d love to in real life but would likely get arrested for . Reading this back, I realize I may come across as picky, but I don’t see any point in getting into a game that I know from the start I’m not going to enjoy, I’ve tried that before, telling myself that it’s grow on me but it never does and apart from wasting my time, I feel bad for letting the other person down.

I've had so many disappointments with trying to find a partner in the past that this really is my last ditch try at finding someone so if you feel we have anything at all in common, please contact me.

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