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Want plot? Character development? OSI is the game for you!

Want a game that's more than just random hookups and chance meetings? Looking for a plot-driven game, with a dynamic world that characters can interact with and change? A place with friendly mods and players, excellent gaming, and no cliques? OSI is the place for you!

SunnydaleOSI / OSIooc

We feature:
+ plots and mini plots with many character participation opportunities
+ experienced, friendly, and available mods
+ dedicated, friendly, and talented players
+ three-dimensional, interesting, non-mary-sue characters
+ a dynamic game world that changes and grows with the choices players and their characters make
+ character development
+ fun weekly ooc activities (character development questions, drabble topic of the week)
+ always open chatroom , easily reachable by IRC or our java applet
+ group and one on one sceneplay via GJ community, chat, and AIM

Sunnydale OSI is is an alternate Buffyverse in the year 1997, where a government organization called the OSI (Office of Subterranian Information) has control of the Sunnydale area. The OSI is divided into four branches - Command (where all the orders come down from), Servator (like the traditional 'Watcher's Council'), Research (for research and Development), and Initiative (for active capture and takedown of the HST - hostile sub-terrestrial threat). The OSI is currently monitoring the Hellmouth conditions of Sunnydale.The year is 1997. OSI-S has managed to track down the Hellmouth to Sunnydale, California, over the past decade, and is presently closely monitoring the situation developing (Hellmouth getting disturbingly wonky)

Please note that this game is very non-canon. The events that occurred in Buffy will not necessarily occur here. We accept both original and canon characters - both will be treated equally! You may apply for a canon character and choose to keep them fairly canon or take that character in a new direction due to the circumstances of the 'verse - it's a brave new world - a whole new story.

NO KNOWLEDGE OF BUFFY IS REQUIRED! If you want to join, message us and we'll fill you in on the world mythology. Since it's an AU, you don't need to know the series to play. Don't like applications? Message Lab Arc Designs over AIM to discuss your character over IM and bypass the application process.

Apply / Rules / Campaign History / OSI Divisions / Taken & Available Characters
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