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Sunnydale OSI seeking Giles, many other canons and any quality original characters!


Seeking the following canons:

Rupert Giles - has been played before and has some great plots waiting for him! If you're interested in playing him, please drop us a line and learn more about what he's been up to in previous play.

Other great canons from Buffy and Angel are available , including Oz, Riley, Lorne and Lilah.

We also love original characters- currently we would love to see more Initiative members and college students, but please feel free to apply with any reasonable concept.

We have - plots, character development, dynamic worlds that change with your actions, excellent characters players and mods, an IRC chat room, character development questions, drabble topics, character of the month and interview with a character features, detailed game information and maps, and lots of fun!

We don't have drama, Mary Sues, set post or tag lengths (quality over quantity, baby!), purple prose, set 'ships', controlling mods, posting order, or pre-planned plot outcomes.

YOUR characters and their actions affect the world, the way it should be.

Check out our full ad here:

OR! Message a mod at Lab Arc Designs to pitch your character concept and give a sample over AIM to bypass the application process. Don't be shy, we're friendly.
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