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Sunnydale OSI: Looking for the popular crowd! (and the unpopular crowd, too!)

Calling all Buffyverse players!

Now's the time to join sunnydaleosi if you are looking to get in on a good plot. We could use some popular girls, cheerleaders and jocks- Cordelia, Harmony, Larry, any original characters - to run for Homecoming queen and king . We've been having a lot of fun with this plot - designing and posting posters for our characters, trying to campaign honestly or dishonestly, and so forth. Homecoming not your character's style? Join Michael Czajak at the Sunset club for the anti-homecoming - you're invited.

Put in an application today at sunnydaleosi - apply with a quality original character, or check out our list of available canons.

This is just one of many plots we have going on! We have - plots, character development, dynamic worlds that change with your actions, excellent characters players and mods, an IRC chat room, character development questions, drabble topics, character of the month and interview with a character features, detailed game information and maps, and lots of fun!

We don't have drama, Mary Sues, set post or tag lengths (quality over quantity, baby!), purple prose, set 'ships', controlling mods, posting order, or pre-planned plot outcomes.

YOUR characters and their actions affect the world, the way it should be.

Check out our full ad here:

OR! Message a mod at Lab Arc Designs to pitch your character concept and give a sample over AIM to bypass the application process. Don't be shy, we're friendly.

Buffyverse not your game? Check out these other quality RPGs by Lab Arc Designs

Shooting Stars (fame/fortune/supernatural) website / ad
C'est La Vie RPG (WWII) community / ad
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