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A brand new Buffy and Angel RPG!

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The Story and Setting
After the big fight against The First, Buffy and the Slayerettes watched the last traces of their home disappear. Facing a new future and unsure of what it would hold for them all the Scoobies decided to head to Los Angeles. In the search for a place to stay Angel offered Buffy, Giles and the others the option of moving into his old hotel: The Hyperion.

Despite the dark nature of Wolfram & Hart Angel decided to use the company for his own fight and his own gang followed him to a new and powerful base of operations. But as always, Wolfram and Hart is also a place where evil still reigns, the shadow of the Senior Partners ever present. After a few tough weeks as the new CEO, feeling the loss of Cordelia pain him more than ever, Angel gets a call changing everything: Cordelia has finally awakened from her coma. Somewhere on the dark horizon, lingering at the boarders of the dark city, there is still hope.

About the same time something else unexpected occurs... Angel receives a package containing the very same pendant given to Buffy. With a strong power radiating off the pendant itself it doesn't take more than a few seconds until something, or rather someone, materializes from it.


There's only one problem. He is once again beckoning the creature within him; he has no longer a soul.


Our game is set in the Buffy verse on GreatestJournal. This game takes place at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7 and at the beginning of Angel season 5. The only changes from the original story are that Spike is corporeal and has no soul, Cordelia is alive and without memory of anything after her fall from the higher plane, and there are no plans for killing Fred. All serve a purpose of a greater will not yet known to either Angel or Buffy.

Currently we're REALLY looking for a well-written Angel. We are also accepting applications for characters still not taken and OCs!

Rules || Taken and Wanted Characters || Application

Feel free to email us at CrossroadsMods@gmail.com with any questions you may have!
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